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LibrumCHAIN is the next generation blockchain technology that is revolutionizing the tokenization of assets.

Private Sale Phase 5 Ends in …


Private Sale Phase 5 starts in …


Private Sale Phase 3

  • March 5th to March 18th

Private Sale Phase 4

  • March 19th to April 1st

Private Sale Phase 5

  • April 2nd to April 15th

About LibrumCHAIN

LibrumCHAIN has developed a new scalable, collaborative blockchain architecture with real-time transaction options.

The proposed design is based on Apache-Kafka consensus and lowers the overhead associated with the order-execute paradigm of standard blockchain systems. The reactive streaming based technology is used to handle backpressure activities on large real-time systems.

The Librum token is the underlying utility token that powers LibrumCHAIN’s hybrid blockchain. The Librum token serves as a processing mechanism for apps that are built on the Librum Hybrid Blockchain. The LibrumCHAIN ecosystem creates a way to map real use cases and helps small and medium-sized companies or institutions on their way into the blockchain age.

The Apache-Kafka based consensus and the Apache-Cassandra status database are used to operate the Bassa blockchain. Functional Scala programming and Akka actors are used to develop smart contracts on the Bassa blockchain and are considered to be trend-setting in the field of asset tokenization.

Our Usecases.

This Is How We Can Help You.

Invest in future-oriented assets, so-called digital assets such as NFT’s or tokenized projects.

Digital assets are physical or digital collectibles that are very popular among investors, but also among art collectors and gamers. The virtual assets can be used when building metaverse, so-called digital play areas, e.g. as in-game objects or to create digital game worlds. By means of NFT’s one can create art galleries and combine the objects with physically existing objects in order to represent the uniqueness. Artists can prevent the resale of the digital artwork in secondary markets by applying protected assets and converting the NFT’s into non-transferable NFT’s. Buy transferable assets or non-transferable assets that you acquire for exhibition purposes. The LibrumCHAIN offers the best conditions for your next investment in tokenized assets. So benefit now from the LibrumCHAIN pre-sale.

Development / Application examples

The tokenization of tangible or intangible assets is an attractive asset for future-oriented companies, investors and art collectors and is currently very much en vogue.

LibrumCHAIN wants to transform digital art pieces, e-books, music, creations, designs, drawings, films as well as intangible company values, patents and similar property rights, utility models, registered designs, trademarks, recipes, concessions, licenses, branded software, customer lists or comparable values and much more into tokens and thus achieve numerous participations.

What we offer

The LibrumCHAIN offers companies, investors, art collectors and artists a highly efficient blockchain technology that enables all trade ways to be recorded and environmental and energy efficiency to be mapped using representable values. The Librum Blockchain is not only a trading platform, but also an exchange platform for traders, customers and interested parties. The use of middlemen, intermediaries and brokers is not necessary due to the release of the P2P market API, because the blockchain offers a peer-to-peer model for the user that processes investments in a future-oriented manner and is also faster and less complicated. This is not just about NFTs, but also about other digital assets that can be traded on the LibrumCHAIN. In addition to the NFTs, solar credits, carbon dioxide vouchers, DAO tokens and securities, for example, can be traded.

How we operate.

Use of funds & Tokenomics

Use of funds / Presale phase

Token name: Librum
Token Supply Pre-sale: 150 Million Coins
Token Symbol: LCNC


Token Name: Librum
Token Supply: 35 Billion Coins
Token Symbol: LCNC

Enjoy the magic.

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