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We are blockchain enthusiasts.

LibrumCHAIN innovations, concepts, benefits and guiding principles.

LibrumCHAIN has a development team that has launched a novel, scalable blockchain architecture for asset tokenization that enables real-time transactions. The cooperative layer-one blockchain structure is based on Apache-Kafka and was developed in the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. Our LibrumCHAIN Blockchain has a lot to offer. Compared to other blockchains, LibrumCHAIN has created an interesting ecosystem, which we would like to briefly introduce to you.

CEO & Founder

Holger Kuhlmann

My career in the digital industry started at the former IT start-up “Jobshop”. At that
time, the merger of Jobshop and Careernet led to the founding of the now
well-known job exchange “Stepstone”, which I accompanied from the first laying
of the foundation stone. I was also able to deepen my digital expertise at
“Jobpilot” and “Monster.de”. In 2006, I was one of the founding members of the
job portal “Jobchallenge.” where I pioneered social ads for online recruiting.
However, my interests began to expand and evolve over time, discovering innovations that excited me and continue to captivate me to this day. I gradually focused on the topic of digital brand building and accompanied internationally operating financial institutions, through which I first came into contact with blockchain technology. My enthusiasm for blockchain technologies and my interests in cryptocurrencies grew steadily from 2014 onwards. Therefore, since the year 2017, I worked as a consultant for financial institutions in Switzerland and the UK. I joined MatrixChain in early 2021 and see my position as CEO and founding member of LibrumCHAIN ​​as a great opportunity to revolutionize blockchain technology in the areas of environmental protection, energy efficiency and sustainability. With the LibrumChain I want to achieve a new goal, namely to outperform the competitor “Tron”.

Chief Technical Officer

Rajasundar Ethirajan

An innovative Entrepreneur And business engineer with vision, decision, and execution. who Loves building innovative products with great teams. I believe in Blockchain and it’s decentralised technology. I think it can revolutionize the internet and our lives. Assisted in the development and implementation of end-to-end Blockchain solutions for various clients. Researched, designed, developed, and tested Ethereum Blockchain solutions. Constantly upgrade my knowledge and skills and make a difference in whatever I do.

Great Things Are Coming.

Head of Product in Blockchain Services

Gabriel Victor

Gabriel Victor, a highly accomplished and renowned Trainer in Change management with Cloud products and social media products has a work experience of 10+ years. He carries a ranging experience from Financial Sector, Higher Education Institution and Web Development platform. He is also the youngest certified trainer within partners into corporate training. His contribution to enriching people’s experiences is supported with the change of people & technology with practical takeaways. Gabriel holds a B.Eng degree in Computing Science and M.Sc. in Technology Management from Staffordshire University(UK). He is also certified in Google Suite and the trainer assessment of customer success stories workshop in Google Thailand. He conducts various training on Google Products, Microsoft and Blockchain technology which is used by top level secure governing organisations in the world.
Research Scientist

Eranga Bandara

Eranga Bandara is a Senior Research Scientist and Lead Engineer at the Virginia Modeling Analysis and Simulation Center (VMASC) Virginia USA. He worked with his PhD research in the area of Blockchain and Distributed Systems. Currently, he is collaborating on several projects with: IBM, Accenture, Department of Energy USA, Department of Defence USA, US Navy, Sentara Hospital Chain USA, Reliability First. His works mainly focused on Distributed Systems, Blockchain, Big Data, Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning areas. Previously he worked as a Lead Engineer at Pagero AB Sweden and CARA Labs Singapore. With Pagero AB he was involved with research and developments in Distributed Systems, Machine Learning, Big Data and DevOps.
Blockchain Enthusiast

Dr. Kasun De Zoysa

Dr Kasun De Zoysa is a Senior Lecturer of University of Colombo School of Computing Sri Lanka. Currently, he is the head of the Cyber Forensic unit at University of Colombo School of Computing Sri Lanka. He obtained his PhD in the area of Secure Electronic Payments based on Smart Cards from Stockholm University, Sweden, 2004. His research interests include Cryptocurrency, Multi-party document protection, Certification infrastructures, Security tokens, Web application security and privacy, Security in wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks, and Digital forensics. He has contributed over 20 research and development projects funded by various international funding agencies.
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